Talent Education:  Enriching Children's lives through Music

The purpose of Suzuki training and talent education is to help every child find the joy that comes through the discipline of music making.  Through the Mother-Tongue approach children develop confidence, self esteem, self discipline, concentration, as well as the determination to try difficult things.  In the environment of loving support fostered by the Suzuki philosophies, children develop a lasting enjoyment and appreciation for music.

Dr. Suzuki's primary goal was never to just teach young people how to play a musical Instrument. Rather, he championed the unique contribution music can make on the entire learning process.  He believed that with the proper environment and educational process along with the medium of music; sensitivity and understanding may be raised in children, creating for each child a happy life and for us all a better world.  Talent Education not only provides with the child with an enriching musical experience, but also creates an atmosphere of sharing and mutual learning in which parent and child can bond in a unique and rewarding manner.

Although Dr. Suzuki as finished his earthly presence among us, his spirit remains manifested daily in the myriad of teachers and students who study his principals.

A Suzuki Beginning: Before the violin there was a BOX........
Rest Position
"Music is the language of the heart without words"...Shinichi Suzuki
#1 ~ Playing Feet
#2 ~ Violin Out
#4 ~ Violin Playing Position
#3 ~ Violin Upside Down
Suzuki group play in
Pre-Twinkle Open String demonstration
Suzuki workshop with Mrs. Sonhild Kitts  [Gainesville, FL]
Master class with Terry Durbin [Louisville, KY]
at South Florida Suzuki Assn. workshop
DPHDS Parent Notes:

1. Practice each exercise 5X
2. Remember to bow & Count before your practice and after.
   (Hugs are cool too : )
3.  Only practice on the days that you eat.
4. Keep your Parent Handbook and CD at home for practice.
5. All Kindergartners and first graders will be assigned a DPHDS violin   to use in class, it is highly recommended for firstgraders to rent to take  home for the non refundable $100 Fee. Violins will only be issued to         students who can demonstrate the required responsibilities whether        they rent to practice or not.
6.  Typically, Suzuki violin students begin with a BOX. 
7.  Violins are never to be left in a car unattended, it is too hot, and the    varnish will melt.
8.  Keep checking this site for up dates.

Lesson #1:
Listening everyday for 1 hour will  be equivalent to 1/2 hour of physical practice and will accelerate the Suzuki process.

Lesson #2:
Proper set up of the violin/box.  Count 4 to set - up with feet on FOOTCHART . Rest Position with feet together on FOOTCHART.

Lesson #3:
Color the violin hand out and talk about the parts.
Please send your kindergartner to school with a UNOPENED box only of Matzoh Ball soup mix and a  12" Paint stick(From Home Depot) and a roll of  2" packing tape.(Any Color).

Lesson #4:
The more the student listen, sings and moves the bow arm square, the faster the progress.
Rest Position
Large Weekly Group : Intro to the Suzuki Violin Method at DPHDS 2007-2008
Kindergarten & First Grade
2 consistent Parent volunteers would accelerate the overall progress.  Please Email me for information Violen@gmail.com
Lesson #1 ~ Rest Position,Bow, & Count to 4

Lesson #2 ~ Listen and Singing  the 5 Suzuki Twinkle Little Star Variations

Lesson #3 ~ Parts of the Violin & Make a Box

Lesson #4 ~ Mississippi Hot Dog ~ Pepperoni Pizza ~ Open the Gate

Lesson #5 ~ Twinkle Theme and the Down/Up Song

Lesson #6 ~ Fingersong popping and left hand finger numbers

Lesson #8 ~ Violin/Box Rest Position, & Count 4 to set up, Return to Rest Position

Lesson #9 ~ Review and Reinforce Fingersong (This is a long term goal for large groups)

Lesson #10 ~ Parts of the Bow

Lesson #11 ~ Bow Songs (Bows in class only) Students  can practice these exercises with a unsharpened pencil.

Lesson #12 ~ Bow Exercises ~ Refer to  Parent handbook and ask your student to show off for you.

Lesson #13 ~ Review Bow Exercises

Lesson #14 ~ Review Left Hand Exercises 1-9

Lesson #15 ~ Introduce Violin/box & Bow together to establish proper Rest Position and begin careful handling of the violin resting on the floor(or in a case) and back into RP, this is essential for the students to be comfortable with which hand holds the violin and bow.

Stay Tuned for more....... Scroll down for special parent Notes.
Playing Position
Rest Position
Suzuki/ Galamian Square
Rest Position